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Why Use Mediation

The Benefits of Mediation

  • Mediation is resolved much faster than litigation. It can take months or more than a year just to get a court date, but mediation can be scheduled almost immediately.

  • Since mediation takes less time, it costs less. The attorneys don’t have to bill as many hours or if the parties are representing themselves (pro se) they are able to resolve their issues without the expense of an attorney.

  • Mediation occurs in a less formal setting than court. The rules of evidence are relaxed, allowing the parties to have more open and fruitful discussions geared toward getting results, not just scoring points.

  • Mediation is non-adversarial and non-confrontational. It occurs in a less formal setting than court. With mediation, parties can exit the process with a respectful working relationship, which is especially important if they share children.

  • A mediated result is more likely to be voluntarily implemented. When a decision is imposed on the parties by a judge, they might be inclined to continue the battle in court for years after the divorce. When they put their own time and energy into creating the result, they have investment and ownership and want to see it succeed.

When Mediation is Required

According to Florida Statutes section 44.102, if a court finds the parties in dispute over custody, visitation or other parental responsibility issues, it shall refer them to mediation, unless there is a history of domestic violence that would compromise the process. This court-ordered mediation applies to any judicial circuit that has a family mediation program in place. 

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